Monday, 6 July 2009

Turbowolf - Read & Write

Turbowolf - Read & Write / Seven Severed Heads 7"

The second seven to drop from the hairy chops of these Bristolian genre-melters is actually their most focussed, keen eyed, mean streaked snarling missive yet. Although we totally 11000%%% LOVE it when they mix the disco with the metal and dust it with some sparkly pop sugar like on Do Me Wrong or Mystery (still up on their MySpace for you and still as hot as Hades), there is nothing wrong with them ditching the foreground of keys to go straight ahead Metal crazy and come out with Seven Severed Heads - a sub-2 minute gorefest; Chris G's vocals a nasty bass-ass wiry screech that opens into a full throated yowl, each riff slamming down like a tombstone until it winds up with the sleekest chugga-chugga screamo section to tear your ears off since Converge tied up Jane Doe. Back on more radio-friendly territory the front track Read & Write is a less intimidating but no less arresting affair with its synth-swelled chorus pumping the sweat out of a fevered vocal performance that ups the euphoria each time until the whole thing spins itself out into a cheeky f.....a......d.......e.......o.........u..........t............

Phew. You need this in your life immediately.


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