Friday, 23 April 2010

VIDEO: White Ring - Roses

It's Friday in the PM, time to get something fierce on! Gonna start doing this every week from now on, round about this time posting up something juiced to kick it up a little. Last week I did Sleigh Bells, this week its White Ring. Looks like a massive part of this year is going to be all about Witch House for me - dark, spooky werehouse & beat-heavy keygaze! Get ready to herald in a load of occult-oriented takes on olde gynrys!

No, I'm not apologising for that.

Look out for the Disaro label, oOoOO, Mater Suspiria Vision, Deep Cave, Gr†LLGR†LL, twYlYZoNe -but for now, White Ring:

This may not be super fast but it carries the intensity of a thousand moonless nights; sounding like Crystal Castles getting k-holed into a corner and fighting their way back out again. Danceable, really pretty, pretty ugly, totally fucked.