Wednesday, 22 September 2010

DOWNLOAD: GuMMy†Be▲R! vs. NATTYMARI - Witch Made Knicca mix

One of, if not the absolute chief proponent of the more deviant end of the witch house spectrum, Mr Chris Johnson - aka the absurdly named  GuMMy†Be▲R! has made a collaborative mix with ex-music journalist, blogger and allround underground cyberpunk NATTYMARI.  In the Be▲R's own words this mix "challenges everything herr GuMMY stands for in the witch house movement.  This split mixtape might just get him excommunicated."

It's screwed down hard, the original hip-hop/R&B vocals and beats stretched, occluded and debased in keeping with the drag continuum we're currently surfing the rest of 2010 out on. happily.  It's punctuated with no small amount of black humour and bound with an overreaching atmosphere like a shadowy black handed cloud of doom.  Pretty fukken ace then, yeah.

Cut out and keep...

...or stream from Soundcloud


Nattymari has also posted a couple of outtakes from the project; segments which didn't quite fit the feel of the full mix but which he's thrown out to the world:


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