Friday, 17 September 2010

FFFF: Krieg - All Paths To God

Stereogum posted this track a while ago, but it's going to be today's Fast and Furious Friday Feature, because the album - The Isolationist - is only a month away and I've been listening to this track a lot more recently in anticipation. The renaissance in black metal across the entire world continues to redefine the genre and visionary artists such as Krieg continue to illuminate minds with their inspired blaze of hostile black fire.  This track begins with a guttural, grinding bassline definitively black metal in essence, yet punching from a shifted paradigm of tone and dynamic that USBM has positioned itself in over the last few years. The mid-section acknowledges the wintery old school then around 4 minutes there comes a total change in direction, atmosphere and pace that is an absolutely shocking stroke of genius:

Download the Real Player file from Stereogum:  HERE

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