Monday, 9 August 2010

DOWNLOAD: Stop Making Séance (NFR Mix 05, August 2010)

Stop Making Séance
NFR Mix 05, August 2010


Witch House looks like it is becoming a tangible genre about to whip into a full eldritch storm when the TriAngle twin release and SALEM albums drop in September. Best not be sitting on the Hate side of the fence when that hits.  This has taken me ages to do and I’ve surprised myself by missing out some of my favourite tracks from massive scene shiners like White Ring, TEARIST, Passions, SLEEP∞OVER and others, but I wanted it to be a tight, focused & fully effective freak of a mix instead of a full primer style overview, which I think it is now; but trust me, it hurt to do it.  Someone already told me I should do another one with just the hits. Maybe.

So much to say about this; such little inclination to decry the negativity at this point; if you keep up with the blog you’ll have read my opinions and know my position. This is a sound I’ve been waiting for for years – it’s been in my head forever and if you’ve heard about Witch House / Haunted House / Spook / Ghost Drone / Drag or whatever it’s getting called on the blogs you read you’ll have the gist of the genre – multi-roomed subterranean crypto-occultism with an indecipherable debased aesthetic.

Listen to this mix and tell me there’s not meat to chew off them bones


De/Void – The Spooning Couple (Self-Release)
†‡† - gOth bb (Self-Release)
SALEM – King Night (King Night, IAMSOUND)
Dream Boat – Your Beaches (Fevers Ep, AMDisc)
/// ▲▲▲\\\ - Tetanus Wine (_v_o_i_d_, Disaro)
Balam Acab – Heavy Living Things (Self-Release)
Dir†yprid3 - sOmethiNgiNtheway (cobain) (CDr, Disaro)
Modern Witch – Cinema (Beko Box 1, Beko)
oOoOO – Seaww (Emotion 7“, Disaro)
▲ - Pyr▲mid (Self-Release)
Mater Suspiria Vision - Seduction of the Armageddon Witches (Self-Release)
xix – Deep Void (Self-Release)
GuMMy†Be▲R! - We Live Here (3-Track Promo, Self-Release)
GR†LLGR†LL - ...sLOwLickiN... (wayne) (CDr, Disaro)

Thanks for downloading.  Enjoy!



  1. This is awesome!! I'll link it about to facebook etc!

    I think the Dir†yprid3 Nirvana cover is actually GR†LLGR†L featuring Dir†yprid3! (pedant)

  2. oh yeah, I know that really but it's tagged differently in different places - mostly on his own page! ha. claiming it for his own. Dunno why I listed it as just him, maybe I didn't want it to have two GR†LLGR†LL tracks?

  3. Its hard editing down mixes as well, what to include etc. I notice there is no ▼□■□■□■, ℑ⊇≥◊≤⊆ℜ or BLΛCK RΛ!NB0VV but then I haven't heard of the first track on the mix!

  4. We should do a witch house mp3 swap off sometime, like trading cards when we were kids!

  5. Hard to get the time down, yeah. This has been hovering around 2 hours for weeks!!!

    What's your trump witch house card this week? It shirly has to be Dream Boat.

  6. haha, nah that was last week, this week its all about BLΛCK RΛ!NB0VV and AiDS-3D. Skill set 7, stamina 8, and attack strength 9!

  7. that could actually be a band name!

  8. wasn't there a screamo band with a name like that? skill *something* stamina *something*..

  9. This is pretty cool. Band names are a bit annoying and hard to find but lots of a good stuff.

  10. This post is getting re-tweeted a lot on Twitter! People are loving it!

  11. Fuck GR†LLGR†LL. Unless you like plagiarism:

  12. errr...when you say 'plagarism' do you mean 'sampling'? Because, hip hop is a genre that's made an entire career out of 'plagarising'.

    Yes, I am a big fan of 'plagarism'


  13. Obviously you've not watched the video I suggested. The song "...sLOwLickiN... (wayne)" is, in fact, this video slowed down. 'Sampling,' as you say is entirely different from slowing down an entire track without acknowledging the original artist.

    It's obvious how much the witch house genre owes to the chopped and screwed scene, and they should take a lesson from DJ Screw, who, like GR†LLGR†LL, slowed down other people's songs. However, Screw acknowledged the source material, and GR†LLGR†LL does not.

    So, don't call me an idiot for respecting an artist and shunning a plagiarist.

  14. Also, I didn't say "fuck you," I said "fuck GR†LLGR†LL."

    Before I knew it was plagiarized, I also enjoyed that song. I just thought you would like to know.

  15. Man, the song title has the word 'Wayne' in it!!!1!11!!!1!; that's as blatant a reference to the source material as you're ever going to get. I like witch house for its two-fingers-to-the-world sub-aesthetic. Away with your nonsense.

  16. fuck yes, thank you for this. {^-^}

  17. WTF!
    In my XTC i fucked up my comments :D
    This shit blew my mind right out the fucking window! What the hell! I LOVE IT!
    I must have CDs Kaliglimmer will do reviews!

  18. Hi. Nice blog yourself! Heavy stuff you're in to over there. More than happy to send you a CD version. emailed you at Kaliglimmer

  19. Haha, Only just realised de/V/oid was featured on this. Thanks. de/V/oid