Tuesday, 21 September 2010

ISVOLT Witch House Compilation Tracklisting and Preorder Link

You can now preorder the LP or CD version of ISVOLT, the long-time coming God Don't Like It witch house compilation in collaboration with Disaro Records!


The release features many of my standout artists from around the witch house realm and pushes it's sound boundaries out far enough to incorporate the widest range of sounds found within the genre,  elements of Hip Hop, Industrial, EBM, Shoegaze, Noise, Witch House and Drag - Looks liek it could serve as a good primer for the uninitiated - though not as good as MINE. Ha.

Some of the tracks included are exclusive to this record, with many of these artists havign never seen a physical release at all.

You've got a bit of a wait, as preorders will be shipped December 1st but this is one hell of a line up for a release - check out all this prime witch house on a gloriuous full sized 12" .

Track listing:

†‡† - Misery Walk
Fostercare - Cold Light
///HORSE MACGYVER\\\ (formerly ///▲▲▲\\\) - Nod
Modern Witch - Your Life Is A Movie
//TENSE// - Versus Man
Party Trash - Skyclad
White Ring - LxC999
Raw Moans - Nectarine
Mater Suspiria Vision - Ritualz of the Crack Witches

While you're waiting, here's a teaser for the album in the form of White Ring's LxC999.


  1. Thanks dudes, Yours is super good for sure, loads of other stuff we'd like to include but gotta get permission is include everything etc etc.

    Hopefully if this goes well will do some more!

  2. ah yeah - permissions are a real drag, but they're the difference between being Pro or scuffing round on the floor of amateurism, so it pays off to do it all properly.

    I shouldn't have said that about my mix, misplaced arrogance is most unbecoming. Your tracklist looks totally different to what I did anyways, mine was pretty atmospheric, but yours looks like it's got some heavy floor fillers on it. The last †‡† track they/he/it put out - the SIMONA one is immense. Really looking forward to this, hope it does well and you get to do a Part II.