Sunday, 19 September 2010


Last fm stats from the DiS board post

Kicking The Gong Around

01. Salem – 42
01. Twin Shadow - 42
03. Forest Swords - 30
05. Burl Ives - 28
06. Gayngs - 23
07. C0ld L▲k3 - 22
08. Happy Home - 21
08. Sing and Sign - 21
10. Cab Calloway – 20

01.               Album destroys, I like it a lot – the rippling snare in the new Redlights is great. Almost every track stands out – King Night, Asia, Frost, Hound, Traxx Tare, Killer.   I love you too.
02.               Forget is a stunner of an album.  Like some meeting point between Gayngs and Wild Nothing in a space of deeply ambient, lush 80’s gloss-pop.  I guess this is where chillwave was headed, definite traces of that as an inspiration, but this is a whole lot more developed. Again, almost every track a standout.
04.        Not sure how much I’m liking this, which is probably contradicts my internal logic considering how much I like Gayngs and HTDW isn’t so far removed – all 80’s synth pop - but it’s a lot less inventive, or tongue in cheek, or less ridiculous. Walking This Dumb is cool though.
07.        Free download album that dismembers all sorts of feral genres.  Hairy.
08.        Cool album from a fellow DiS-er, rough and ragged, like less angry Fall with more bluesy organ runs. Sort of!
10. Breaking out something classic for a change.

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