Friday, 17 September 2010

VIDEO: Delorean - Real Love

I'm gonna post you this video of this pretty awesome track, but I've got a couple of caveats to set out before I let you kick up your pulse rate.  First - This is the kind of twee chillwave/balaeric crossover stuff full of chirruping harmonic noises fluttering prettily around humming melodies that the cynical side of me sees straight through. The lack of substance can;t hide behind the weightlessness of it; but I can't help but like a lot of what Delorean have been putting out, and what's been floating around their ethereal presence for the last couple of years - it has an intoxicating calmness to it's energy and I kinda dig that awkward duality.  Second - The video looks like a Channel4 trailer for some rad nu-yoof program, but I'll take the ironic hi-gloss with as big a pinch of salt as I take their name. I mean, I don't even like Back to the Future.

Apart from that, this is all a pillow of prettiness to drop your whole body through

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