Wednesday, 22 September 2010

VIDEO: Blackbird Blackbird – Pure

One of the artists to have picked up and fully embraced the chillwave baton San Francisco's Blackbird BlackbirdThe one man band of Mikey S has been slowly pushing his shimmery dream-pop reverie onto an even grander scale with each release (of which he has many); since I first heard the effervescent bounce of Happy High I've been hooked, and his tracks just keep getting more assured and more capable of conveying the genres trademark giddy heat-haze euphoria with an increasingly breezy effortlessness.  It's all adding up to eclipse the simple solo bedroom band it started out as.

He makes good use of his Bandcamp site, where you can get the recent Modern Disbelief ep for free, and the new Summer Heart LP,  for $9.99.  According to his (very active, informative) Twitter feed, he's just been invited to play at the Hype Machine's CMJ showcase, which, as he says, is a pretty big deal: Last year, Sleigh Bells, Neon Indian, and Midnight Juggernauts played it.  So to say his star is in the ascendant would be an understatement yet it's a position that would come totally warranted if the trajectory of his releases are an indicator of where his music is headed.
His big news this week is the release of his debut video for the track Pure (taken from Summer Heart) and it has made the front page Editor's Pick on Vimeo; In his own words:  "I am extremely overwhelmed"

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