Thursday, 16 September 2010

VIDEO: Holy Other - We Over

Holy Other is a Berlin based producer combining the eerie atmospheres of witch house and the cold of electronica with the warmer, more shapely tones and soulful elegance of dubstep and R&B. The mix of sounds explores the similarly uncharted environments of Balam Acab, but where the New Yorker's unearthilness is rooted within the biosphere (with references to birds and water and a liquid flow) Holy Other has broken through to an even more graceful realm of freefloating cosmic drag, albeit it, a hauntingly beautiful one hung from a heart swelling emotion balanced between sadness and ecstacy.

London based label Transparent are set to release We Over b/wYr Love in a limited run of 300 7" records on 27th September.  The A-Side chops a sensual vocal into a range of slices, from the dense and opaque to delicate and translucent, all the while being pinned down toward the firmament with a deep bassline, the fabric of which is pulled through onto the flip, which thickens out the tone into a distinct oxygenated cable of bottem end the rolls and glides though a maze of clap beats, effervescing comets of analogue fuzz and a blurred multi-layered mixture of euphoric exclamations and spectral moaning vocals that keeps building up on itself until it shatters into black light fractals.  Listen to both tracks on the Transparent site before preordering what will become one of the most versatile and heavily spun records of the year:

He also has a pretty cheeky screwed down remix of Boyz II Men which is worth it - because anything that's turned to sludge is sounding good these ears - and a coupel of other tracks all availabel for free from his Last.FM.


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