Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Civil Civic

Here's a new band that I discovered/was presented with on a thread from Drowned in Sound. Civil Civic are a London based band who not only create angular guitar music that is dancey, post-core something or other,and wholly yet indefineably great, they also have a pretty decent sense of humour. Their logo looks like it says ELVIS for a start.  They write pretty funny stuff on their awesome blog HERE - as well as offering  aload of free downloads. Check out the Metal styled abstract/music related descriptions for the band members instead of real names, their debut 'Release Released', and the law's governing 'The Band'.

This band sounds like a good club to belong to. Will they have you? I guess so. Civil Civic doesn't sound too exclusive to me.

Check out these three tracks and videos and see if you don't get as instantly won over as I did.

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