Wednesday, 1 February 2012

VIDEO: Liturgy - High Will

New video for Liturgy's True Will. Full of the same jump cuts as the Returner video, it starts of at thirty thousand feet which is an appropriate place for a Liturgy track to position itself. Later on it jumps out to space. It's also got a lot of kitchy home-mvie clips and religious iconography which is slightly less fitting becasue there's nothing ironic or kitsch about this music but it lends itself pretty well nonetheless.

Liturgy are playing a few shows in the US opening for Sleigh Bells and Diplo.  Either that's a God-sized middle finger up at the hipster-hating flack they get by embracing it, or the same salute to the hipster crowds they're about to headspin. No idea how that's going to roll, but heads will either way, surely.

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