Monday, 6 February 2012

Last fm to Brooklyn

This week's heavy listening double post off of DiS

There's a new 1 month chart available. Woo stats fans!


01. Pop. 1280 - 63
02. Turbowolf - 42
03. Letherette - 28
04. Total Control - 26
04. Screen Vinyl Image - 26
06. Clair Cassis - 24
07. Ectoplasm Girls - 22
08. Everyone to the Anderson - 21
08. Ashan - 21
10. Pete and the Pirates - 18
10. Julianna Barwick - 18
10. Run DMT - 18

01 – Dirgy post-punk b-movie horrorcore dystopia on Sacred Bones. I'm have a biased predisposition to love anything off that label, but the reason is it just keeps turning out to be good.  This week’s highest entry makes my top ten of the month too.

02 – Constant in-car rotation for the greatest British rock band alive. Even my 3 year old gets it. Asks for all the songs they say “Hey”, shouts along with “Seven severed heads”.

03 – Electro fetishised soul. Just got the second ep, so I’ve been playing both a bit.

04a – Can’t stop playing Henge Beat. Half the songs sound like different bands (which reminds me, I need to get the new Balaclavas album)

04b – Got a little bit of filler (or maybe I’m just not a fan of the slower stuff) , but the wall-of-noise shoegaze stuff  is almost overwhelming.  Not quite A Place to Bury Strangers, but it’s a slightly sleeker thing.

06 – Had a luxurious velveteen black metal moment

07 – TxN is fantastic!  Swedish girl/girl spacious, surreal industrial noise minimalism littered with hooks and beats.

08a – More heavy in-car rotation playing the ...Inside A Horse album.  I need to put their earlier eps on my ipod.  Looking forward to this band blowing up as big as an angular post-rock hardcore band can.

08b – Different project from Gkfoes Vjgoaf’s Sean Conrad that plugs into the same rural acoustic nu-age psychedelic hypnotics. New album on Inner Islands is four tracks of deep and heavy lucid jam.

10a – Got One Thousand Pictures too late for it to make my end of year list, which I think it would have.

10b – The Magic Place.

10c – Still marvelling at this summery acid psych even while it snows outside.


01. Run DMT - 186
02. Pete and the Pirates - 121
03. Total Control - 116
04. Colin Stetson - 107
05. Turbowolf - 106
06. Matthewdavid - 90
07. Screen Vinyl Image - 87
08. David Thomas Broughton - 78
09. Cold Cave - 68
10. Pop. 1280 - 63

TOTW – Ectoplasm Girls – Sexodrone (or anything off TxN really)


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