Saturday, 18 February 2012

GIG PREVIEW: The Men, Hookworms & Sealings - Sunday 19th Feb. that would be tomorrow night, Brighton town - Prince Albert.  Three bands of slightly different stripes all great enough to warrant a rare gig preview from me.

The Men, as you probably already know, play their record collection as if they invented it, kicking out MC5 jams, Spacemen 3 doped repetition, gnarly snarly attitude of The Stooges and a whole load of 90's sonic fuzz and fury fom Dinosaur Jr, Mudhoney and their like.  There's not a band quite like The Men around right now:

Hookworms are a  Leeds based trio playing a dark psych style of garage rock - loads of space, reverb, looping threads of riffs needling their way through time and space out to fizzing climaxes. Still a bit Spacemen, there's some Krauty Can influence rattling about inside the trippy frameworks of their tracks, and soem of the looser strung out Sun City Girls. 

Sealings are one of Brighton's loudest and volatile propositions, now pimped out with a live drummer their show are even more hi-octane takes on their hybridised rock/metal/punk noise.  Here's their brand new video for new track Out Cold

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