Wednesday, 25 January 2012

DOWNLOAD: Vortex Rikers - Oceanic EP

New ep of expansive teutonic ambience from Dortmund's Vortex Rikers.  The Oceanic EP channels the same shivery occult spirit as their previous work, deep in rich seam of creativity that is steadily casting up releases all of which hum with a misty atmosphere, stalked by ghostly apparitions and eeiry sihouettes.

Oceanic opens with an elegantly paced intro, the title track, that is like a camera slowly panning out on to a wide open vista of foggy shores or early morning forested mountains, whatever the scene it is thick and wet and obfuscated by something that makes you crane into it and wills you closer.  The steady deliberate pace continues throught the EP, illustrating one of the band's strengths in writing and programming; that they can hold such a slow tempo yet keep the suspense, momentum and atmosphere rolling forward with a cool control of tension.  In the huge lansdcapes of the music there comes a sense of searching, a character lost in the fog, picking their way blindly and slowly, in constant motion but never able to reach its goal.  That's the sadness of the music, that what is being sought can never be attained, that with the hope of discovery comes the threat of loss, that that constant slow motion rolling forward will be infinite, like the tides of the sea, ceaseless, doomed strands of synth stretching forward to an unseeable destination.

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