Sunday, 19 February 2012

a thread

01. Hear Hums - 130
02. Lilacs & Champagne - 99
03. Ewan Limb – 52
04. Cough Cool - 27
05. The Obligatory Cripples - 24
06. Run DMT - 22
07. Message To Bears - 20
07. SAUNA YOUTH - 20
09. John Talabot - 19
10. The Caretaker - 18
10. Saltillo - 18
10. Mirroring - 18

1 – Awesome 'Sung Tongs' style tribal beat & drone pop album of hypnotic acoustics and wordless vocals. Download for name your price. Going to do a full review soon, but don't wait for that.

2 – Album came out on Mexican Summer last month. Totally incredible side project from two members of Grails, I'm surprised I have managed to listen to anything more than this this week. Instrumental 70's exotica soul soundtrack tape splicing set to hip-hop beat with sultry guitar lines shimmering all over it.

3 – Russian bedroom producer releases a full album of his bass heavy chillwave melody influenced dubstep electronica. Get it free from him HERE

4 – Hazy, slo motion lo-fi guitar jamz. Been playing some free d/l albums from their Bandcamp

5 – Polish garage rock band playing pretty hard, fast, loud and noisy. Pretty unsubtle, but pretty nice for it.

6 – Hallucinogenic h-pop (no it's not a dirty word, it's the bomb) from the sunny side of psych.

7 – Great sleeping music, played the Departures album a couple of times this week.

7b – Brighton based rock combo kicking some punk heavy jams.

9 – Still think this is a fresh, deep and affecting techno/house album. Might not have the most sophisticated or rich sound palette, but it's really well arranged and the sounds all suit their purpose. So yeah, great.

10a – bonus/out take Patience tracks for free from....where else: Bandcamp.  Get it before he takes them down, if you haven't already.

10b – Dark atmospheric dubby, heavy on the drum part of D&B influenced electronica with strings, Monocyte is a concept soundtrack to the comic book of the same name.

10c – Collaboration between grouper and Tiny Vipers – as dewy and mossy sounding as you'd anticipate. Reverent organic psychedelic ambience.

Anything off Lilacs & Champagne, obvs. But I'll go with the opener:

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