Thursday, 16 February 2012

VIDEO: Turbowolf - Let's Die

Brand new video for the new single from the finest rock band the UK currently owns - watch this and have Turbowolf own you right back. 

This is one of the most ferocious tracks from their album, and one of the finer examples of how they manage to cram so many great moments into such a short space of time - the burbling synth prologue to the slamming intro riff then BLAM into the meat of the piece, squiggly, squealing, imploding  guitar solo (how do they make that sound!?), heavyweight intense breakdown, instant classic lyrics, all blasting along with that unbridled sense of momentum that only the truest Rock can deliver - and it's called Let's Die!  It;s all about careening into oblivion and embracing every moment of it.

The video, directed by Casey & Ewan is a futuristic and thrownback as the music - 70's style stop motion animation, velvet shirts, Chris' absurd facial hair, all booted into the future with copulating Terminator robotics and chipboard bedsheets.  Sexy what?

There's no reason to to love the whole of this with the whole of your being.

The 14 track album is less than a fiver from iTunes, so go get. It wasn't in my Top 50 albums of 2011 for nothing.

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