Sunday, 11 March 2012

The Laugh

weekly stats time!  woo.

not very big numbers this week

01. Pond - 50
02. Nite Jewel - 43
03. Tako Tomago - 33
04. Orcas – 27
05. Errors - 25
06. Perfume Genius - 24
07. Patrice & Friends - 22
08. A Winged Victory For The Sullen - 21
09. Northward - 20
09. Cough Cool – 20
09. Deekie - 20

1 - Side project from guitarist & drummer of Tame Impala. It's not all great, or even good, but what I like, I like a hell of a lot.
2 – This is really lovely bejewelled (natch) pop music. So much sleeker and sexier than her last album.
3 – This guy sent me his album for the blog. Will be writing it up very soon, it's pretty excellent psychedelic electronic Brainfeeder kind of stuff
4 -
5 – Finally got this after my thread asking for fun clean upbeat music. It's not really that upbeat though, it's a bit too serious and sombre to really fit the remit of what I wanted in that thread – beyond that, it's great. Error's pulse beats hard.
6 & 9b appearing again proving I am nothing if not a habitual listener.
7 – This was another thing I picked up from my fun/upbeat thread. And this is exactly what I wanted! One of the kinds of things I wanted anyway. One of the tracks really reminds me of Wookie. Fun times. Juke party music I can blast. Get some footwork in.
8 – Going to see them in April at the Erased Tapes night at Brighton festival. Cannot wait, it;s going to be incredible.
9 – brilliant little 4-track ep of Eastern European styled cold northern darkness
9c – Another blog entry to come – second full ep from this London based rural-psych-drone duo. A tiny bit like Golau Glau, a tiny bit like Boards of Canada – but neither of those entirely helpful.

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