Sunday, 29 August 2010


this weeks dual DiS/blog stats post

Mist And Sea Spray

01. Indian Jewelry -55
02. Twin Sister - 35
02. Sleeping Peonies - 35
04. Winterfylleth - 31
05. Best Coast - 29
06. Washed Out - 24
07. Women - 22
08. Sing and Sign - 21
08. Luggaldimerankia - 21
10. Black Mountain - 20
10. Samamidon – 20

1 – Why did no one tell me how awesome this band are; I thought they were going to be a bunch of jangly hippies, expecting High Places I get Blank Dogs dosed out on witch house.
2a – the genre I call simply ‘Vintage’
2b –Excellent vocals, no-wave influences, French romanticism: Norfolk UKBM all the way.
4 – Transformative new album of English Heritage Metal
5 – Still digging it, even in the rain
7 – So subtle, each song a proper euphoric progressive little wonderbolt
8 – violent, feral subterranean black metal horror – the UK’s answer to WOLD.
10a – new album is o.k. Got a couple of rockers and a lot of filler on first couple of goes. I was totally wowed by In The Future, and this isn’t that.  I maintain Old Fangs has an organ sound that got a lot of Nine Inch Nails to it, deliberately or not.
10b – still haven’t got his new album, but I don’t want to risk breaking the magic of All Is Well in case it’s nowhere near as good.

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