Wednesday, 11 August 2010

DOWNLOAD: The Goner - Bitemarks ep

The Goner

German DIY psych folk label Dying For Bad Music have put out a free download re-release of the orphaned Bitemarks EP from The Goner.

I have been slightly obsessed with their Behold A New Traveler album released on Deep Water Acres earlier this year, and this is an interesting addition to their canon, providing a sense of progression from a starting point - all the more poignant considering he title.  So, this was the beginning, or thereabouts. Five different pieces showing the Swedish band’s mastery from crafting simple acoustic folk songs to the construction of walls of sound. Psychedelic folk tales from the dark age, mystic and natural without being retro-visionary or overdramatic. The center piece of this EP, Lost Summer, starts with a shimmering organ drone chord and shifts into a moving tribal theme. The theme of traveling is picked up again in Oakmulgee Creek which leads to the end of this wonderful EP. The Goner leave you alone with a peaceful field recording of lonely bird calls.

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