Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Scene Not Herd Noise on Noise All-dayer

Massive total repost for this jaw-dropping mind-blowing freakfest happening in London this Saturday

Scene Not Herd is proud to present the Noise on Noise All-dayer: a ten hour spectacular featuring the best new bands the UK has to offer. This tirade of awesome musicality will be accompanied by an archive film mash-up of video-art oddity; regular art oddity; fabulous arty zines; and a wonderful agglomeration of delicious merchandise.

Advance Tickets: £7.50 from http://www.wegottickets.com/event/86453
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=125583207483417

The Others Warehouse, 6-8 Manor Road London N16 5SA

\\\\\DRUM EYES/////
A collective arranged around the Shigeru Ishihara (better known as DJ Scotch Egg) and E-Da (Ex-Boredoms drummer), Drum Eyes combine dueling drums, cornets and game boys to form a devastating live show.
With their debut album released on 9 August, anticipation for the record is feverish after the band blew away audiences countrywide with their insatiable, mind expanding live performances. Drum Eyes are a band who are impossible to pigeonhole in any category other than fantastic. (Last FM)

STP is more than just a band, it’s an orgy of clashing and crashing, of sounds and cultures colliding like a beer-soaked bodyslam. Your hosts flip from swirling, fairground folk to ferocious riffing like it’s no big thing. (NME)

\\\\\TEETH OF THE SEA/////
Teeth of the Sea create a turbulent, fiery and atmospheric instrumental brew that encompasses searing cosmic psychedelia, melodramatic giallo soundscapes, mariachi melancholia and kraut-tinged droning occultism. (recordstore.co.uk)

Gum Takes Tooth is a single-headed beast with two bodies: a duo of Thomas Fuglesang on live trap drums, physically wired into home grown electronic instruments, bare circuit boards, tweaked, moulded and mangled in real-time by Jussi Brightmore (Infants). Frequent double drum live action with second kit from Valentina Magaletti ($hit & $hine) Always a totally live symbiosis of unique and manually manipulated home grown electronics driven by a dense and expansive percussion attack; NO GUITARS, BASS, KEYBOARDS, BACKING TRACKS OR LAPTOPS FEATURE IN GUM TAKES TOOTH (www.copsandrobbers.net)

\\\\\COLD PUMAS/////
These tropical punks create a vicious, infectious sonic snarl. This is day-glo, psychedelic flower-punk, all tribal beats and off kilter harmonies. Imagine Shellac with a sense of fun and you’re nearly there. Cold Pumas are neither subtle nor clever and it works just fine. (TLOBF)

\\\\\RICA MINAMI/////
Rica Minami is a singer songwriter based in London from Japan. She playing piano like a cat tapping the keys and she sing like a innocent child. her amazing band members are from Wales and Italy. This mixed cultural band makes contemporary cinematic pop song with floating female vocal. (Green Man Festival)

Lovesick Teenagers specialise in scuzzy, floaty , sweet, romantic, dreamy, lucid pop. Once of our favourite finds of the moment so catch them before everyone else realises how good they are.

Dirty Bingo (DJ)- www.myspace.com/dirtybingo
The 405 (DJ - http://www.thefourohfive.com/
Scene Not Herd (DJ)- www.myspace.com/scenenotherdevents

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