Thursday, 5 August 2010

DOWNLOAD: Nute Records - Putetiden -II- C60 (c60005)

Nute Records just added another spankin C60, Putetiden -II
All sorts of quality toonage from Shaolin Wooden Men, Thomas Dinger, Tones On Tail, among others:

The Horror Factory - Intro
Shaolin Wooden Men - Brother Ray (On The Radio, Joe!)
Silo - Those Adopted By People
Whirlywirld - Window To The World
Telex - Pakmoväst
The Cosmic Nanou - The Miraculous Intervention
Thomas Dinger - Ballgeflüster
World Of Skin - Breathing Water
All About Eve - Some Finer Day
Suicide - New City
Piratio - Boil Into UV
Children Under Hoof - Tactical Assault 2
Thread Pulls - Cycle Path
Ollie Olsen - 00:09:26
Tones On Tail - Rain

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