Sunday, 15 August 2010

DOWNLOAD: Gone In 60 Seconds (A Collection of Short Songs From Friends & Devotees of I Heart Noise)

Gone In 60 Seconds 
(A Collection of Short Songs From Friends & Devotees of I Heart Noise)

Gone In 60 Seconds is a huge free-download compilation of over 40 micro-tracks released by one of the best Noise blogs out there - I Heart Noise. This album contains a wealth of styles of music, not just blasts of grinding death distortion - though of course there is plenty of that – there’s an almost cartographically thorough inclusion of everything across the noise landscape with contributions including neo-folk, hardcore, dark ambient, industrial and spoken word.  Most of the tracks were specially recorded for this compilation through invitation and open submission; no idea how many submissions they received but the quality of the tracks on this is consistently great, the only unpositive thing I could take away from this is some artificially abrupt sounding editing that I suspect is due to keeping tracks within the 60 second limit. There is a lot of punky hardcore which I’m not a massive fan of but these only last for 60 seconds or less and that I can take because they make for good punctuation. I am much more familiar with the Noise vernacular and there’s a depth and immediate submersion in atmosphere in the tracks of Rectum, Guanoman, and Drone Forest; other standout moments include the minimal ambient glitch from Collapse Under The Empire; absurd gospel pop metal from Down I Go and their operatic cousin FEASTofFETUS.

It will take you longer to read this that to listen to them yourself, so you may as well get on it.

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