Thursday, 12 March 2009

Welcome to NFR BLOG!

After 3 years out in the wilderness of MySpazz we have decided (and finally got round to) making a Not For Resale Blog. Hooray and Welcome!

Not For Resale is the Brighton based DJ night, promotions - and now Blog-happy! - duo of Meatbreak and Fokka Wolfe. Being Brighton based we're going to plug a load of local shows and bands because it makes sense to care more about the stuff we can see than the stuff we can't and we're more likely to know about it. Our range though, is the entire world.

We're into music of many stripes, as you will discover. It will be all new new stuff from the deepest depths, most colourful crannies and farthest reaches of the underground, cyberspace and the real world....To make sense of it all, we'll be posting up reviews, news, demos, mixes and downloads as well as setlists from our regular DJ night and our jaunts as guest DJs at other events around town.

On the subject of lists - we will never post a meaningless list of band names with no info. Shoot us down if you catch us doing it.

We can be found at The Penthouse above The Freebutt on the first Thursday of every month if you want to come see and hear in the flesh, but for now and for here, this is the place for our words and pictures.

MxBx & FxWx

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