Monday, 16 March 2009


HedgeHog are a power pop trio from China, two boys one girl that briefly featured in a VBS TV Music World documentary.

Atom(阿童木) plays the drums better than Meg White, but only just, and the two guys Box(博宣) and Zo(子健) make an ultra melodic shoegazey Sonic Youth/Pavement indie noise that sticks in your head like glue covered chopsticks. I could describe their history but their website does it better:

"In the spring of 2007 they make contract with ModernSky which is the most famous independent music company in china. When ZO BoX and ATOM met each other in January 2005 they decided to make a fantastic band named "HedgeHog". These Beijing Boys&Girl who create simple, hooky songs have become the sexy point of the BigCity. And the record [HAPPY IDLE KID] which released in 2006 greatly hit the Chinese conservational Rock&Roll"

They released Noise Hit World in 2007 and now they have a new record out this month called Blue Daydream. Check it!

Hedgehog Myspace:

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  1. I saw Hedgehog last night in Los Angeles, and more people have to hear about this band. Both their live show and their CDs are wonderful. ATOM is a show in herself, but the whole band is great. See them while they are in the US!