Friday, 27 March 2009

International Noise Conference

Next Sunday, 5th April, the annual INTERNATIONAL NOISE CONFERENCE hits Brighton town for a whole evening of 15 minute micro improv sets from a brain-melting array of noise maestros from all over the world. Usual rules for this are no droning, no laptops and no mixer boards, but it's been cut to just no laptops as special recourse since mixers are the Brighton style and droning fucking rules.

Here's the line-up in case that cosmic poster makes you a bit squinty:

Laundry Room Squelchers
Doug Ferguson
Blue Sabbath Black Fiji
Smack Music 7
Dylan Nyoukis
Bad Orb
Teigmouth Electron
Deepkiss 720
Slit Pyramid
The Reverend Cal-Mag Boron
Bald Nobbers
Falling Boy
Zero Map
Infinite Gaaaaah
Midland Hotel
Sunshine Variety
Scotch Egg

see you therez.


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