Friday, 27 March 2009

..on a crunked up tip!

Brand new tracks (b.more/dub step/post grime) I've downloaded in the last week that you should all check out!!

Bigzy - "RingaRoses" -all about this!

Dj Digital Dave - "Journey Is The Ish" -simple full vocal no cut-ups remix of "Dont stop Beleivin"

Johan Agebjörn remix of "The Chameleon" by Glass Candy - a disco floor with only you dancing dancing into a drug induced coma, you feel your lycra clad legs buckle under you and the next world calls out!

Grateful Dead x Flo Rida - "turn_casey_jones_right_round"
- its a one line joke, its only been done cos the lyircs say "high on cocaine" in the first line! But its great.. though you realise how poor the original vocals are!

Ebola remix of "Meddle" by Little Boots - Not a fan of the Little Boots but its a good sparse dubstep remix!

Young Live B-More (Starters Dj's) remix of "Next Episode" Snoop Dogg feat. Dr. Dre
-What could be better than the original version? A sped up, more kinetic version with dubstep bassline and a Baltimore vibe, thats what!!

All the links lead to blogs or sites where you can get the song!


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