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NFR Setlist 5th March, 2009

Here's our first setlist from the Penthouse for our new blog!

First up, Meatbreak's jamz. The first hour was pretty stargazey droney and intense - School Of Seven Bells clicked it back into the realms of pop and we hit it up and off, kicking and screaming from there:

Crippled Black Phoenix – Rise Up And Fight (The Resurrectionists, Invada) - Endtime ballads for USX lovers and big sound stargazers.

Heavy Winged – Wool And Water (Monolith:Earth 12”, Music Fellowship) - live improv cerebral sturm-und-drang-dangadang.

Wolves In The Throne Room – Ahrimanic Trance (Black Cascade, Southern Lord) - eco-black-metal grooves and drones like never before.

Kontakte – Motorik (Soundtrack To Lost Road Movies, Drifting Falling) - London post-rock going drum machine supernova.

These Feathers Have Plumes – Quiet Sun, Indian Summer (These Feathers Have Plumes, Period Tapes) - heavy heavy languid bass bliss + kids toys.

Six Organs Of Admittance - Punish The Chasms With Wings (RTZ, Drag City) - Ben Chasney's 19 minute epic percussive finale from the first CD of this double album.

School Of Seven Bells – Iamundernodisguise (Alpinisms, Ghostly International) - Ex-Secret Machine's daydream shoe-gaze (nu-gaze?!) outfit with twin girls = As real a fantasy as you're ever going to get.

Passion Pit – Sleepyhead (Demo) - Next big thing say a lot of the press. We're not so sure. This song is the one peopel are talking about but it's very annoying.

Minnaars – To Jackals (Minnaars EP, Self-Released) - Foals + Futureheads = better than you'd credit!

Turbowolf – Seven Severed Heads (7”, X-Taster) - New single from the next big thing that people don't quite know about but it's only a matter of time. Awesome hyper fast 1.20 speed-pop-metal-punk.

Lloop – Lei-Tei (60 Hertz, The Agriculture) - New Yorker's second lp in years is a 90's nostalgic dub heavy head-nodder. Deep groove and then some.

Distance – Konkrete (Repucussions, Planet Mu) - savagely distorted London dubstep. The sound of buildings collapsing at 140bpm.

Yeah Yeah Yeah’s – Zero (It’s Blitz, Interscope) - Lead track of new album is the weakest and the most different, but interesting all the same.

Mayyors – Airplanes (Megan’s LOLZ 7“, Self-Released) - Full on out there up in the red noise storm of riffs and feedback gore with a pitchshifted breakdown/build up combo that wipes the smile clean off yr face and smashes it straight back on again.

Everyone To The Anderson – Harpoon Flesh Wound (Doodlebug, Toy Soldier) Taut, aggressive, Dischord rock from the Best Band In Brighton : we shit you not.

Action Beat – Dinosaur (The Noise Band From Bletchley, Southern) 3 Sonic Youths playing at the same time, in slow motion.

Cotti – The Search (12”, Soul Jazz) The heaviest bass track I could find in 2008. Played once more for effect (and for Jonathan, coz I know he loves it - we do do request, we do).

Apollo Sunshine – Brotherhood Of Death (Shall Noise Upon, Headless Heroes) Filthy blues atonement screaming LOVE! LOVE! LOVELOVELOVE!!! EVIL!!!!! EVIL!!!!!!

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart – This Love Is Fucking Right (The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, Slumberland) - Scene-leaders/stealers of the nu-gaze movement.

Turbowolf – Read And Write (7”, X-Taster) - Most exciting UK band's new single song two.

Crippled Black Phoenix – Rise Up And Fight (The Resurrectionists, Invada) - So good I played it twice.

Quttinirpaaq – The Sea And The Birdman (Dragged Through The Streets, Blackest Rainbow) Texan dust storm Doooooooooooooooom.

Ty Segal – Watching You (Ty Segal, Castle Face) - One man band rockadoowapthefuck!

Blank Dogs – Spinning (The Fields, Woodsist) - One man band Joy Divisiony shoegazeskronkpop.

Lotus Plaza – Different Mirrors (The Floodlight Collective, Kranky) - One man band Deerhunter relative releases beautiful new sound bubble that might burst everyone's brains.

Wormsblood – Inheritor (In The Stars, Skulls Of Heaven) Two people! Weird, rocking,
Back Metal craziness.

Emeralds – Living Room (What Happened, No Fun Productions) - layers of guitar and keyboard brainfuzz love.

Alva Noto – Xerrox Phaser Acat 1 (Xerroxx Vol II, Raster Norton) - Sunn O))) sampling bass noise bliss.


This is my Fokka Wolfe set list from last weeks Not For Resale at the Penthouse. It was in this order but was also interspaced here and there by Meatbreak's set as well!

Everything really is super good so do go check it out if you like the sound of it!!

Jarun - "Deszcz" (Folk black metal from slovakia)

Zombi - "Spirit Animal" (John Carpenter at Studio 54, but today)

Zomby - "Helter Skelter" (Rythmic building dub-step)

Anton Hammer - "Zombies" (Dub-step from Finland)

Flowers Of Doom - "Demon" (Sinister horror indie)

The Broken Hearts - "Branco" (Girl vs Girl tweeness)

Crystal Stilts - "Crippled Croon" (Shoegaze Jesus & Mary Chain beautyness)

Hateful Abandon - "Lungs" (Doom vs Black Metal via Joy Division)

Varghkoghargasmal - "Near The Starts" (Unpronouncable jamming)

Gatekeeper - "Optimus Maximus" (80s style horror electro doom)

She - "Day 4" (8bit japanese future dance)

Zombi - "Infinity" (John Carpenter at Studio 54, but today)

Geometri - "Airwolf" (Justice doing a partly dub-step Air Wolf theme tune)

Lazer Crystal - "Hotpinkbmx" (John Carpenter meets Holy Fuck)

Wavves - "Wavves" (Noise Jangle Rythm Garage)

Fuckwolf - "Afro Cuban" (Aids Wolf & Medicine And Duty down a long pipe)

She - "Conversations" (8bit japanese future dance)

Arcade Eden - "The Deep South" (New Young Pony Club but from Jersey)

Quarta330 - "Test" (Japanese 8bit dub-step)

Goth-Trad - "Itinerant Priest" (Dubstep)

Cardopusher - "Show Me Your Pussy Massive" (Columbian dub-step breaks)

Habsyll - "1pt 2" (Slowed down Black Metal)

We Wait For The Snow - "Tso Partcho La" (Very lovely ambient folk)

Yeasayer - "Wait For The Summer" (Future hippy prog from MGMTs pals)

Unicorn Kid - "80900000" (8bit electro from a lion hat wearing 17 year old)

You Love Her Cos She's Dead - "Dead End" (8bit screamo for fans of Skins)

Late Of The Pier - "Hot Tent Blues" (Prog but like you like it)

Fucked Up - "The Black Hats" (Hardcore punk with psychedelic pretensions)

White Fang - "Acid Reaper" (Northern Doom riffage)


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