Monday, 30 March 2009

NFR @ NWFA Fringe Festival Weekender

Nice Weather For Airstrikes Fringe Festival Weekender
The Druids
Friday 22nd – Sunday 24th May


Not For Resale will be providing DJ support for the Nice Weather For Airstrike's Fringe Festival weekender in May. The 3-day show will feature bands and artists from Brighton and from the Nice Weather label roster as well as a few from around the UK. We NFR deejays will be either fitting some choice tracks around the sounds of the bands helping to sculpt the day a signature or doing our best to add a bit of dissonance and get things jumping the fuck up, whichever we feel suits and whatever the crowd wants. We flex like that.

It's going to be a great event, we can feel it. There's a load of bands here we can and will vouch for ourselves ('Lorca, 'Anderson, 'Robots, Brenda, 'Stories, 'Emerson), and having been to the Nice Weather nights at the Hope we can attest to their tastes and will assure you this is going to be a whole weekend of awesomeness.

Here's the line-up's so far:

Friday 22nd - Last Days Of Lorca / Psyche Out Musicland Big Band / Everyone To The Anderson / Chrik

Saturday 23rd - Brenda / Appi / Monsters Build Mean Robots / A Genuine Freakshow

Sunday 24th - (Hopefully but unconfirmed..) Dennis Jones / Constellations / Jon Walbrin / Jacobs Stories / Joe Dunn / Bela Emerson


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