Tuesday, 9 August 2011

DOWNLOAD: Sad Souls - Precious Paragons (Self-Released)

Sad Souls
Precious Paragons

Second release this year from Tom Autey's Ann Arbor, MI based ambient-folk solo-outfit Sad Souls Following January's Forest Loops, Precious Paragons starts off at a more Primitive folk angle, lonesome, wistful, melancholic then moves towards a rawer, rugged-trail form of feral and full of the gnarled vigour that instills. The success of this release rests on the contrasts: Just after the tumbling flutey centre of New Skyboxthere's a cover of Nico's These Days which is every bit as brittle and doomed romantic as the original, stripped even further back towards an ethereal minimalism. The two final tracks, Bull Men and Elf Ears combine the initial influences of Nick Drake and John Fahey and drop things off on the dust kicking route it began on.  Very lovely indeed.

He also records even dreamier pieces under the name Cerulean Tapes

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