Thursday, 18 August 2011

DOWNLOAD: Elvis Depressedly - Selfless Violence (Self-Released)

Deep black trance from Los Angeles with a Bandcamp page header that simply says DEATH 2 AMERICA.  The sombre tones of the music suggest she already died with this the soundtrack to the wake.

Recorded straight to tape then upped to the internet, there's a definite bedroom quality to these five pieces. Completely murky and garbled lo-fi productions, that peak into the muddied red on the final track Life Sentence, is an aesthetic that's been driven into the ground, yet it's still consistently compelling when it's used to swamp out good ideas and here,despite the unsophisticated equipment and sounds involved, things becomes all the more emotionally arresting because of the wounded nature of the recordings.

Opener Bummer Dreams starts off in muted coruscating form, then quickly pans out to a softer, choral vocal loop with a more melodic drift than it initially suggested. Boy Satan swirls about in holotropic eddies that wash over each other threatening to capsize the progression of the track with a grace approaching euphoria when compared to the weaker title track which is the least developed and thinnest sounding of all the pieces. Turn Blue redresses things by washing back out of the speakers in elegant form, then on again to the soupy murk of the closing track.

Very promising, if indeed there is more to come at all, which with a project like this could easily go either way by running over with improvisations or dry up and reform in another project. 

Oh yeah, and that name. It's not Com Truise or Back Stabbath, but I like it.

DOWNLOAD from the Bandcamp

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