Tuesday, 2 August 2011

REVIEW: Stag Hare - Spirit Canoes (Inner Islands / Hands In The Dark)

New release from Utah, US based solo-voyaging bio-trance project Stag Hare, available on mixed colour 12" (including d/l) from Inner Islands and limited edition 50 digipack & poster CD run from Hands In The Dark

Arriving at the same time as the Gkfoes Vjgoaf album Spirit Canoes on the same label, this is another release that continues to exemplify Inner Islands as a force to reckoned with - the power of Mother Nature herself.  Stag Hare's music is as equally infused with the sounds and resonances of the natural world as Gkfoes, and on Spirit Canoes he is trying to channel as much as she can through her music along the same transcendent plane.  Composed of four long pieces of deeply hypnotic tranquility floated out over beats drawn from deep earthy tones, Stag Hare loses himself in directing the listener on a tour of the natural forces of the Earth, the vibe getting super heavy out there in the wilderness, bringing hypnotic tides of rhythm and drone crashing right over your head, threatening to wash you away with its flow.

Can't get enough of this biosphere meditative trance at the moment, and the summer is the best time for it - lying out under the evening sky, watching as the music slowly pull the stars out of hiding.

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