Thursday, 11 August 2011

VIDEO / REVIEW: AK/DK - Dispatch #1

Firstly, viddy yrselves blind on this hallucinatory stroboscopic video for the first physical release from Brighton based Drum/Synth/FX improv duo AK/DK  Stand well back from this, here's a band that's about to go off!  Seriously though, this is exciting. Imagine a stripped back Battles, Lightning Bolt with synth, DFA 1979...with synth, Holy Fuck with....out a couple of members?  No guitars, just pulsing, oscillating, pumping, glitching, sweeping chaos propelled by a loose limbed beat frenzy.  They have a regular visual expert with them at their gigs to capture and refract the stage chaos, the effect of which is replicated in this video. Disorientating. 

The single is titled Dispatch #1 and comes on tape. Six tracks of what I described up there. their huge stage improv blow-outs condensed, but not tamed, into bite sized pop hits in waiting.  In their words: synthpunknoisecrunk.

The cassette comes in a run of 250 hand numbered copies in either Red, Blue, Green and Yellow, and each has a coloured case. Each cassette comes with a digital download, so it doesn't matter if you don't have a tape machine anymore!  But you should.  Order it HERE

Here's a monolithic forty minute slab of technicolour noise from their Soundcloud:

  AK/DK at Concorde2 Sept 2010 by AK/DK

Catch them on stage on 16th September at The Hope, Brighton town.

Hit 'em up everywhere:

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