Tuesday, 13 April 2010

DOWNLOAD: Thee Oh Sees - I Was Denied

Mainstays on the NFR stereo, Thee Oh Sees are a band that can just do no wrong.  It's hard to fail with such a solid base of garage noise rock, and John Dwyer is the best man for the sound (We have an awesome Dwyer related special post coming up in about a month - its been a long time in the making, getting honed to perfection, so you will want to stay tuned for that, we promise).

Their fourth album proper Weird Slime, is released on May 11th on In The Red and to trail it they've given out I Was Denied as a free teaser (garage rock + new technology - a juxtaposition I'm not sure will ever sit that conmfortably for us, but one we won't complain about).

It's The Oh Sees as loose, low slung and chaotically mean as ever.


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