Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Avian Bones

Avian Bones is a new band from the hands of Mausoleums' Andrew Brush. It also features Noel Regis of Marigold Crowns, and Jose Diaz. Back in 2008 Mausoleums released Blackened Fawns Cleanse The Earth With Fire which turned Black Metal inside out and used its ribcage as a wrecking ball across all kinds of genres - it was blown out, super loud, always held way out in the red but the riffs used insanely catchy elements of everything wild and loose; from hypnotic shoegaze buzz to surf jangle and ramalama rock&roll, at the heart of each was the potential for some kind of alternate universe pop music. Not totally sure how that's an introduction to Avian Bones, but know that this band has pedigree, even if it came in a run of about 50 handmade copies.

They have only had a handful of rehearsals and one spontaneous recording session but the tracks up on their MySpace are an intense indicator of great things out there in the wilds of San Francisco. They demo a sound that plays between cavernous atmosphere and acidic feral psych-outs - think Wooden Shjips channelling Darkthrone and Electric Wizard. As soon as Part 2 kicks in (which is pretty much as soon as it kicks off) you'll know what we mean, and we're pretty sure you'll feel it too.

Great name and artwork too.

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