Thursday, 22 April 2010

DOWNLOAD: NFR Mix 2 - The Bee Roared Meat

The Bee Roared Meat
NFR Mix 2, April 2010

For the second in our new series of monthly downloads I've made a deep droney psychedelic trip that dusts you up a bit before spitting you on your way.  For some reason I am really struggling to explain why this mix is and exactly what is does. It’s meditative, the tracks are generally long psychedelic repetitions of cycles, earthy and connected to natural rhythms, animals, totems.  These could be the sounds of nature fetishists, people in thrall to the dual enormity and insignificance of being, recordings with a sense of scale that draw the listener up in their mass, or reduce them to a speck.  Or it could just be my ode to the Microphones In The Trees blog.

Thanks for downloading.  Enjoy!


Barn Owl - I (Smoke Loom Ceremony, Blackest Rainbow)
Cabinet of Natural Curiosities - Glass (Searchlight Needles, For Arbors For Satellites)
Ulaan Khol - Untitled 3 (I, Soft Abuse)
Blues Control - Good Morning (Local Flavor, Siltbreeze)
Sun Araw - Canopy (Geneva Hits, Mental Groove)
Partli Cloudi - Tantum (Rotten Wood, Folkwaste CDr)
Pocahaunted - Singing Color (Rough Magic, Blackest Rainbow)
High Wolf - Parallel Vision (Supermodern Temple, Krayon)
Ben Frost - Híbakúsja (By The Throat, Bedroom Community)
Infinite Body - Dive (Carve Out The Face Of My God, Post Present Medium)

Order of Samples:
Claire Kremen: Honey Bee Pollination Crisis
John Cale - Circa 1979: A Signal to Noise (Tuned To The Hum)
John Cale - Circa 1979: A Signal to Noise (Saturnalia Again)
Bill Drummond - Battle of Ideas: Turn That Racket Off
Richard Dawkins - The Greatest Show on Earth

Untitled photograph by Ellen Rogers


  1. Ben Frost ftw.
    Crushing track.

  2. Indeed. Not sure I really needed the Infinite Body track on after that to be honest, it's really hard to follow Ben Frost with anything else but I had to put it on somewhere. I think the pregnant pause between them makes it work.