Tuesday, 20 April 2010

DOWNLOAD: ihopeyousuffer - ihopeyousuffer ep


We first came across ihopeyousuffer, an American solo post-rocker through free-download netlabel Pocket Change Records, when they released his first album This Is A Collection Of People To Ruin and he was amongst our favourite artists from that label.  There was a sense of alienated brooding that darkened the tone of the first album, giving the usually expansive sound of post-rock a more claustrophobic form that really intensified on the second release Gold, Oil And Drugs with the track I Could Move Mountains For You - a brewing violence raging within it's boundaries like a churning storm cloud. All appropriatly evocative imagery to suit the post-rock tag, but a description that well fits the sound, and the solo artist form. The restraint charges the music with a greater presence that it might otherwise have it it went all out for the crescendo. 

For his third release, the eponymous ihopeyousuffer, this characteristic remains unchanged but the mood has lightened somewhat. The first song - immensely titled Beware When The Great God Lets Loose A Thinker On This Planet - starts with a keening tone and near-audible sample of a rugged male voice bemoaning the lack of intoxicating pills (maybe more listens will make more sense of it), then a spirited beat kicks in speeding off with guitars and bass in tow creating that giddily emotional rushing sensation that makes this kind of music so addictive.

It's free to download, with, if you haven't caught our beat, 4 essential pieces of highly evocative instrumental music. There's no reason not to let it get you.

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