Monday, 19 September 2011

Weekly listening stats.  YES!


01. Warm Ghost - 73
02. At The Drive-In - 47
03. Allo Darlin' - 29
04. A Winged Victory for the Sullen - 24
05. Robel Synthesia - 23
06. Balam Acab - 21
06. Village of Spaces - 21
08. Future Shuttle - 18
09. Wolves in the Throne Room - 15
10. Andy Stott - 14

1 – still can't stop listening to Narrows. It's released next week and I expect to see it get hyped; Bowie / Numan retro style with nu-retro chillwave and more. Pretty addictive.

2 – played Relationship of Command to my 3 year old. He went fairly nuts

3 – Got their album after End of the Road. It's quite nice, got some good lyrics and lovely harmonies.

4 – Incredible classical drone album from Stars of the Lid member Adam Wiltzie and pianist Dustin O’Halloran, as you're probably already aware. On Friday night I played this then Nest, Balam Acab, Future Shuttle and FRKWYS Vol.7 one after the other and I think I did some permanent realigning of some neural networks.

5 – Chillwavey electronica that maps an afternoon in the life of. D/L for free:

6a – First couple of plays of Wander/Wonder and I think I might get hooked in. Doesn't sound like an electronic record at all, so lush and organic sounding; like he mic'd up a petri dish.

6b – Awesome psychedelic acid-folk album, similar if not better to all those 60's bands from UK and USA. Sounds like both sides of the pond and beyond.

8 – First full ep from NY based synth-space duo is a total trancer. Produced by Blondes, indebted to just about any synth player ever and very heavy on the gorgeous vocals.


10 – The title track on Passed Me By is some kind of sublime elevated techno, no?


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