Wednesday, 8 December 2010

UKBMW VIII: Luggaldimerankia

In 2006 Zithuan Labyrinth began as the one-man band of Nostalggia, releasing seven demos worth of primitive necrosadistic noise explorations before adding members and expanding to Luggaldimerankia. Between 2006 and 2008 several ultra raw demos were released in a handful of copies each, then in late 2008 the line up was joined by Plague on vocals and Zithuan Labyrinth became Luggaldimerankia – a black metal inflected noise band of psychological and anti-cosmic themes. Early 2010 saw the first full Luggaldimerankia recorded demo, Within The Very Depths Of Depravity, and again, kept it release to almost single figures. Over the following months several further demos were recorded with suitably necro-deviant oriented musicians as well as a split cassette release with the awesomely named ambient/drone project Black Goatskin Robe on Black Blister Worship Productions.  

The MySpace has been reasonably active; after posting a 10-download limited track titled Sacrament from their demo Decaying Chamber Session (which they snuck into a military training ground to record in an abandoned bunker) they posted another song on MySpace from their impending debut album Swallowing Shapeless Echoes Of Eternal Despair entitled Primitive Baptismal Torture Rite Amidst Swollen Bark Of Dead Yew. 
I recently wrote about their latest release on the blog, the short bursts of experimental harsh ambient titled Black Vomiting Mass, which is available to download for free.

Luggaldimerankia are the kind of band for whom you use the word 'song' very loosely - they are the UK equivalent to WOLD in texture and primitive energy (a Wold even being an English term for a series of inland limestone hills, geography A-level fans!).  Both bands share in their sound, a similar coruscating torrent of feral dissonance, though in Luggaldimerankia this is less utterly inhospitable than WOLD's Canadian wilderness; the milder climates of England tending more toward an upward stargazing ritual and downward crepuscular filth, rather than the pure and thorough cleansing the sub-zero temperatures induce.

I've posted the track Inducing The Deepest Core of Morbidity from Within The Very Depths of Depravity: the bestial cover art is certainly more Noise than Black Metal, illustrating the crossover this band embody, and censored for the sensitive souls (....or anyone really!) over at YouTube.

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