Friday, 10 December 2010

UKBMW XVI: Skaldic Curse

Coming from the savage misanthropic old school of the more deathly incarnations of Mayhem, Darkthrone Skaldic Curse take their version of Black Metal right down into the pits of filthy, claustrophobic primal noise, yet on both albums have employed a clean production technique that gives a separation to the instruments and allows far more clarity into this world that Deathcrush ever offered, including a distinct bass sound that throbs and bumps around the lower reaches of their sound and fills a space that never seemed empty so before.  They are one of the more challenging bands I've got this week; their most recent album World Suicide Machine refusing to fit into any current tropes and combining lengthy complex structures with that clean sound alientating many fans from either by crashing the two forms together under the murky (simplified) sonic aesthetic of blackened death metal; a hostile mix of misathropic aggression that is wielded with agility.

Again...The Knives from the album Pathogen

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