Monday, 31 May 2010

DOWNLOAD: An Introduction to Richey Hackett

Richey Hackett
An Introduction to Richey Hackett

The 15th release from Vulpiano Records is a compilation of tracks from Richey Hackett. We hadn;t heard of him either, but now we do and you should too. This UK-based independent artist (in every sense of the term, handling all of the songwriting, instrumentation, vocals, recording, and producing of his works) has somehow been flying under the radar since 2007. Vulpiano Records is proudly releasing a compilation of the best songs from his catalog, An Introduction to Richey Hackett. The closing remark on his MySpace profile - “Pop music is dead. And I have come to revive it. Enjoy.” sums up much of his mission; the creation of catchy tunes need not leave out thoughtful lyricism, which has become increasingly abundant in his works over time.

An Introduction to… is a monument to his changes and growth over time; Wrath's optimistic instrumentation blended with sentiments of distress, Empty Out the Room's dark plod embellished with rather memorable guitar bits; and the pseudo-folksy, chugga-chugga rhythm Coming Home.

His whole catalog is available for free on, with another album coming down the pike in summer 2010.

Download here:



1. You Have, You Want, You’ll Get (Kicking & Screaming, 2008)
2. I Found My Little Habit (…That I Shall Be Tomorrow, 2009)
3. Wrath (Looking into the Dark E.P, 2008)
4. Sixteen (…That I Shall Be Tomorrow, 2009)
5. Getting Worse (Awkwardly Mobile, 2007)
6. Think Like A Shrink (Suddenly, 2007)
7. By And By The Way (Richey Hackett, 2008)
8. No One Hears Me (Suddenly, 2007)
9. Sad (Kicking & Screaming, 2008)
10. Touch (…That I Shall Be Tomorrow, 2009)
11. Empty Out The Room (…That I Shall Be Tomorrow, 2009)
12. Morning Report (Kicking & Screaming, 2008)
13. Coming Home (Richey Hackett, 2008)
14. Last Chance At Keeping It All Together (Conversations With Myself, 2007)
15. And No Darkness In My Heart (…That I Shall Be Tomorrow, 2009)

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