Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Remember that kind of IDM/Power Electronics crossover stuff that was massive (read pretty niche and small actually, but you know, that is massive) a few years ago (probably about 5...10.....15.......it's a bit hazy); stuff like Knifehandchop, DJ Aneurysm, Kid606 (when he wasn't being soft), Shitmat. Think they called it breakcore. That kind of killer cut up shrill stuff. It's still kicking it. Out in the Solomon Islands, alledgedly, but we're not totally sure we believe that. I stumbled across this guy Skullcaster on MySpace (Mind your eyes though, his page might make them bleed a bit) - first amazing myself that I still use myspazz to stumble around on, and them more amazed after I pressed play on the track Wreckaniza.  I loved it so much I asked Skullcaster if we could give it to you and he said yes, so here it is for your binaural disintergrative pleasure:

DOWNLOAD: Wreckaniza

See if the speed and chaos still feels fresh and vital to you.  Well, as fresh and grinding filth can be anyway!

If you need another hit, here's a video of his playing out live at the end of 2009:

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