Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Enbilulugugal - Black Noise Armageddon: Denying 9 Years of Existence

One of my all time favourite most ridiculous bands ever released an anniversary best-of a little while back; compiled by Izedis (vocals and bass player of the band) in 2009 to celebrate their 9th year. It was released by Xul Creations last month as a free digital download.  You can get it here:


Enbilulugugal make some kind of horrorcore power electronics form of black metal.  There's not much buzzing trance, more ferociously blown out industrial noisegore and as such, seem to be pretty hated amongst a lot of black metal fans - their Metal Archives page has only 3 average scores of 33%, 75% and 30%. Still, one suspects they couldn't give a forty-fingered nun-fuck as this career(ing) best of should attest to, what with song titles such as Vomitous Orgy of Mutilated Catholic School Girls and Slicing the Blood Clotted Cunt of the Rotting Virgin AngelSlut and albums called things like NunTwat Armageddon.

Plus the artwork for Cultivating Goat Vomit attests to something not totally sincere either:


They have a whole host of albums and split eps lined up for the next year, so if you like this - and why the hell wouldn't you? - then you won't have to wait long for the next fresh release of goatserpent obsessed satanic filth to come rolling along.

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