Tuesday, 10 November 2009

PREVIEW: Aaron Dilloway, Smack Music 7, Slow Listener, Hobo Sonn

Aaron Dilloway, Smack Music 7, Slow Listener, Hobo Sonn
Saturday, November 14, 2009
Upstairs @ the Caroline of Brunswick

Dilloway, former member of noise-titans Wolf Eyes and Hanson Records labelman has recently been releasing solo work that explores much more abstract and thoughtful terrain than his previous group's headbanging onslaughts. His last gig in Brighton at the Freebutt was an arresting slow motion earthquake of a show that built in watery vortexes of sound that sucked light, air and tiem from the room. His recent "Chain Shot" is more a sound collage than anything, and while it is a heaping glob of muddled debris, it is also a highly controlled one. Looping samples on top of samples, Dilloway builds a slowly encroaching beast before slowly disintegrating it, bone by bone. This is some highly textural and immediately emotive soundscape work that demands to be experienced in the flesh.

here's a very short sharp shock of him at Colour Out Of Space last year:

Three solo supports from Brighton's own gunge tank of feral atmospherics:

Smack Music 7's self-described 'Glamtronics'is the elegant and refined solo outfit of Polly Shang/Blood Stereo lady Karen Constance. Reigning in the tape terror and replacing it with a lost in the jungle lushness. Still creepy.

Slow Listener is a blurry, zoned out vista of of degraded beauty, crumbling ivy torn walls of organ drones, gently shifting fuzz, crackle and hiss. Sink into this and come out feelign vital.

Hobo Sonn is Ian FK Murphy. A meaty broth of bedroom concrete, electronic blurb and lo-fi tape mangled sine wave drone. Suck it up.



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