Sunday, 29 November 2009

NFR End of Year Mayhem - Thursday 3rd December!!!

This is it. 2009 is nearly over, end of year polls are coming, we all have our opinions. I haven't seen one I like yet.....there's still time.

Come to the Penthouse on Thursday to hear NFR's End of Year Spectacular!

Me and Fokka Wolfe will be playing our highlights from our year of underground, independant, DIY labels, demos, and more from across all your favourite NFR genres >>>

avant pop / bliss drone / concrete bass / cosmic psych / feral noize / ghetto electro / glitter wave / gutter punk / kvlt bvzz / mutant indie / neon diskko / outsider grimness / primitive euphoria / skronk rock / wyrd folk.....and more...

My current favourite being New York Loft Core. I will buy two, yes TWO drinks for the person who can guess which band or artist insipred that phrase (Here's a clue: they're not actually from NY).

See you Thursday.


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