Monday, 23 November 2009

A day in the listening life

For one day only NFR was alone in the office so the whole day was spent listening and tweeting every albumas we went. Here's there whole day corralled into one bite sized blog post:

09:30 - So far:Slagmaur, Bong, Quttinirpaaq, and now Ous Mal - Finnish weirdity....
10:30...Gkfoes Vjgoaf - no spelling mistake. crazy weird dissonant folk..? LA loner is waaay out there lost in the woods:
11:30 - #musicmonday continues with Worriedaboutsatan - Arrivals. one of my albums of the year for sure..top10? 20?
12:30 - now we're on The Fresh & Onlys - super garagey modern throwback rock from John Dwyer's Castlefacelabel. (i should @ these, right?)
13:00 - now it's Wooden Veil - German avant-industrial-folk band signed to Dekorder records. video on our blog!
13:30 - Pissed Jeans - King of Jeans. if you don't already know this album or this band...well....shame on you...hang your head.
14:00 - out of the scuzzy filth into the slinky sex beat of Joy Orbison. Wet Look is one of the tracks of the year, dubstep/wonk or whatnot, right?
14:30 - Settling into Campfire's self titles two track cassette. Lush humming liquid reverie.
15:00 - Brighton's own cross-genre Baikonour - heavy on the kraut-drone and electronic atmospheres, totally kicking it in the groove stakes.
16:00 - Book of Shadows - Secret Garden. immersive tru-nu-psychedelia. Enjoy their white-on-white myspace page!
16:40 - #musicmonday is nearly over - here comes Om. Simple, effective, luminous, hypnotic, cosmic..... Thebes is building.....
17:30 - finishing the day - the working day - with The XX. It's a nice light bouncy end - that'll all change once I step outside into the darkness
18:00 - Teitanblood. None more dark, filthy, nasty, gory and satanic. E-fucking-vil. Morbid Devil of Pestilence is DISGUSTING!

Let's leave you with some of that shall we?

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