Sunday, 29 November 2009

Gravsahl - ... A Part of Nothing

Gravsahl, a German one man black metal band releases his first demo '...A Part of Nothing' as a free download. This really is worth you picking it up. It's not that it's groundbreaking - there's whole essays to be written about the oversaturation of one man BM bands (OMBMB!) - and you never know, we might be just the people to espouse on the why, when, who and where's of it all one day. No, it sounds like you'd expect - drum machine keeping intense tempos, buzzsaw guitar throb up in the foreground - but what it does it excels at and all you need to know is that the black flame burns bright with this one, the long shadow of Burzum hangs over the ragged mantra icy trance - its captures the regal, arrogant poise and majestic elegance of the founding sounds of the genre (just look at that logo), adds enough influence from the intevening history and produces an absorbing energising record as a result.

So, here you go: DOWNLOAD


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