Monday, 27 July 2009

Monsters Build Mean Robots - Psalm 57...

The new single from Monsters Build Mean Robots, one of our favourite bands based arounds these here Brighton parts (Chichester actually...mostly), is available as a free download from their website.


Just enter your email address into the box for an email with the download link. Don't worry. They're beautiful people, they won't bite. They will furnish you with five minutes of beautiful loops and guitar tones.

The track is called Psalm 57 (or) All That Gold Did Not Help Your Soul!. It sounds less like the ambient post rockisms of the MBMR album that had us fall in love with them (keep looking way down that link). Instead the skeleton of guitar lines that were previously buried underneath the pillowy ambience of their debut album are now out on the surface, exposed like industrial architecture atop the textural body in a similar departure that of last years acoustic-song-style Sigur Ros of Með Suð í Eyrum Við Spilum Endalaus, which is also exceptionally lovely. Sigur Ros never dip into politics quite like this band and MBMR do it without the excessive orchestral arrangements - instead their music is built on a quiet intensity, all the more potent for it's subtlety and brittle, hauntingly wraith like elegance.

This track comes from the sessions that will produce their second album (hopefully some time this year). According to their website it should be A loopladen epic containing many tracks performed live by the group, this album has been hailed as their potential 'breakthrough' piece by the band.

This track has been mixed by MBMR and mastered by Ace from Skunk Anansie fame, and shows the direction the band have taken in the last year. Psalm 57 is playlisted on Brighton's JuiceFM and begins the build up to the long awaited second album......

They will be touring the UK to promote this single and album. Half of these dates are with the superb two piece math-blues-metal-skronk-rock band CHRIK who played an awesome house collapsingly raucous set at the NWfA Fringe Festival we DJd at in May.

CHRIK indicated by *

JULY 30 - BRISTOL Bleach night @ Start The Bus w/ KILL IT KID
JULY 31 - DERBY* Creative Blocks night @ The Big Blue Cafe w/ ALRIGHT THE CAPTAIN
AUG 01 - NOTTINGHAM* Buttonpusher night @ The Chameleon
AUG 02 - LIVERPOOL* The Caledonia
AUG 03 - SHEFFIELD* The Shakespeare
AUG 05 - LEEDS* Upstairs at The Cardigan Arms w/ THESE MONSTERS
AUG 06 - MANCHESTER Mushaboom night @ The Fuel Cafe, Withington
AUG 07 - LINCOLN The Horse & Groom
AUG 09 - LONDON The Good Ship, Kilburn w/ UP C DOWN C / KONTAKTE

MBMR are also playing at the I Am Joy Arts Festival in Chichester, on Thursday August 13th - with CODES IN THE CLOUDS / FLIES ARE SPIES FROM HELL @ The Hope


NWfA presents at The Chichester Inn, Chichester on Saturday 5th September w/ A GENUINE FREAKSHOW / LULLA VIOLET



  1. hey. I'm trying to find MBMR's Album Monsters Build Mean Robots through the internet, since itunes store is not available in my country (Turkey). Care to help?

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  3. I'm sure they will post you a copy. email them!