Tuesday, 4 August 2009

SunnO))) Soundtrack Jeans advert!

In one of the unlikeliest convergences in advertising history there is a product based on Black Metal weith an advert soundtracked by a Doom band with the genuine intention of shifting units. But what, who and to whom? Well, hurrah because the answer is as underground and as awesome as the idea.

Norwegian clothes company Anti-Sweden have a new line of jeans called 'True Black Metal Jeans' with a eerie unsettling ad for them that features SunnO)))'s 'Bow 1' from Flight Of The Behemoth.

Although we immediately fell in love with these we also fell in love with the sense that there's going to be a massive backlash against the whole concept of this - the SunnO))) / Southern Lord anti-hipster haters are going to use this as the focal point of their rage and the pure black metal Kvltists are going to go apeshit at their genre being used to plug anything other than their own frostbitten funerals. Well fuck that we say. Gotta get your jet-blacks somewhere and these are serious works of art to go with the serious ad. They feature illustrations from grim occult artist (the Killustrator for Satan's sake!!) Justin Bartlett in the lining and an awesome inverted cross logo and button detail in bright yellow.

Who wouldn't want?

Go to the Anti Sweden website for some more pictures, and the tantalising shot of a DVD that suggests there's a full 18 minute version of this ad using the full length of the 'Bow 1 and 'Bow 2' tracks.


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