Sunday, 19 July 2009

NFR Themes and Jingles

It's been a very long time since anyone has made us a new theme tune or jingle and we seem to have stalled in our ambition to make an album of 100 of them. These 6 here are as far as we got and each one is properly brilliant mini epic in it's own right. That each one was recorded especially for us and about us is amazing. We play these out whenever we DJ and put them in our mixes that we sometimes put out as limited edition CDs and up for downloading. The first one that was made for us was from Power Up who even got a voice actor in to record it for our DJ set at the Summer Sundae festival, and that then got played (twice!) on the BBC when they broadcast the set - so these are sneaky little buggers that get in to all sorts of unexpected places.

So, we are putting out our request again to anyone and everyone that would want to make us a theme/jingle/ident whatever you want to call it we'd love you to make it for us.

We reckon they should be 1 minute maximum (possibly only 30 seconds) and we'd also like some 10 second blasts of NFRness to smash in between tracks at our DJ sets. They should have some kind of vocal that says any combination of NFR, Not For Resale, Meatbreak and Fokka Wolfe. Other than that you are free to take them in any direction you want.

Here are the ones we have so far, in alphabetical order

Awesome Wells >>> NFR Jingle
English country garden sound collage

Deliberate >>> Theme From NFR Stomping electro crowd chant

Nullifier >>> NFR Theme Intergalactic neutron bomb track

Power Up! >>> NFR Jingle Glitchy twitchy electronics & voiceover

Pseudo Nippon >>> NFR Jingle Cosmic jebubu japano-core

Quiznight >>> NFR Theme 16-bit bass beast

xbx >>> Shut Up NFR Super short bitch slapped up

>>> WolfMeat Jingle Our names get mashed up as this dude from Bethany Oklahoma slaps us about some more.

Leave us a comment below or Email if you're interested.

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